Alhamdulilah For Everything

How often we thank our Creator for all the blessing bestowed upon us? How much we are thankful for all the blessing surrounded us? Are we grateful for having a glass full of cold water to quench our thirst?
We take every blessing upon our part but forget to say ALHAMDULILAH. We overlook it and thinking it won't be matter but it matters a lot.
ALHAMDULILAH comprises of two words : Alhamdu Lilah; All praise to Allah.

With most of the bad and melancholy around we are almost forgetting to show gratitude which is supposed to be basic component of way of life.
Team Ayeina came up with absolutely brilliant creative idea to keep a check on the things you are grateful for. They introduce mini gratitude journal 'Alhmdulilah for Series'
Its quite handy and small in size. I am grateful and glad they sent me this cute mini journal for review.
Mini gratitude journal
The best thing is it have cute illustrations inside regarding the things you are grateful for. Tbh, whenever I saw these illustrations my heart swells with gratitude and I am thankful for the things I have in my life,
Illustrations inside the mini journal
 It's not all. The bestest part of the gratitude journal is you can add about the things for what are you grateful for. The best idea worth rooting for. Along with prompts you can add your personal gratification for the whole months.
Prompts for gratitude for whole month.
 Besides, I am grateful for finally having a blog. It's never too late, :)
Looking forward to new blogging journey.

For more details about gratitude journal. Click here.

What I thnk about this mini journal:
It is ideal for the children in learning age and toddlers. the best way to teach them to be grateful towards their Creator by pointing illustrations drawn inside. Tell them to write about the things and blessings they are thankful for daily, one rime per day. Its ideal for the adults who are busy and can't think of anything other than their work. They should write the things they are thankful atleast per day.
Don't forget to say Alhamdulilah


  1. The pictures are so insightful.

  2. Jazakillah khairrrr love <3 we have linked you here amidst the list of other reviews :)


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